A Letter From The Breeder

About Leticia BurgosI've always been an animal lover, especially dogs. My dad is a veterinarian, my mom was a pediatric RN, and I studied dentistry. I worked many years in pediatric dentistry and absolutely enjoyed every aspect of it. Now I'm proud to say that I know a little bit of everything!!!

I moved to Florida years ago and tried to apply to dental school and get a license here--but unfortunately it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. They wanted me to start my studies all over again, and after considering this for a long while I decided to move on to something else.

I started thinking more of the things I am most passionate about, my hobbies and what I truly like to do--and immediately thought of my love for dogs!

My own dogs are part of my daily life and my family's. So, I decided to start breeding beautiful, healthy puppies!

But looking around I also realized that there is a campaign against dog breeding. Many out there talk disparagingly about dog overpopulation, backyard breeders, PETA, "puppy mills" and "dog farms." It's everywhere! And their message is simple: "It's cruel to buy anything other than a rescue dog."

But what about those breeders who are clearly dog lovers? Those who do their utmost to produce healthy specimens of their chosen breed? Breeders who carry out all the recommended pre-breeding tests and checks to ensure that they produce healthy puppies?

About Leticia BurgosI wanted to be a responsible breeder. I wanted to start a real breeding program, a program where dogs can be treated in a special way with a lot of love and respect.

And that's what I did. I became a full time dog breeder in 2003 and founded my own company: American Walker Kennels. We became very popular around the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area. Later we had customers calling us from Orlando, Jacksonville and the Tampa area.

The last few years we've shipped puppies to almost every state in this country, most countries in Latin America, and many in Europe--and I'm proud to say that many celebrities are on our "happy customer" list!

American Walker Kennels is committed in creating true perfection in every aspect: character, temperament, intelligence, morphology and health. We like to raise perfect tiny little puppies-- healthy, well-socialized, with perfect babydoll faces, nice thick coats, sweet natures and calm temperaments. We're always trying to get deeper and deeper into the "art" of successful breeding and to learn more and more about it.

About Leticia BurgosAll our dogs are absolutely beautiful, and it's not only about the way they look. I take care of them in every way. I'm very strict with their daily routine, which is pretty much the key to success. They need to exercise, they need to eat the right food according to their needs and weight, they need to be groomed and trained, they need to attend routine vet exams, they need to run, play and socialize with other dogs, they need a lot of love and sometimes they need their own space, too.

I love dogs in general, but the tiny little ones are so special--it is hard not to fall in love with them ... they are not just tiny, beautiful and sweet ... they love you UNCONDITIONALLY!!! They're always willing to give love and get love. Breeding tiny little puppies is really hard; it's a lot of work, with many nights spent away from your bed with dark circles under your eyes. But it's totally worth it!

I literally work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. But I can't complain. It's like working with your best friends and your family together and my only job is to take good care of them and all their babies. It makes me feel very special--and they feel very safe that I'm always there for them.

I've been breeding AKC Yorkshire Terriers for many years, and I started breeding AKC Chihuahuas in 2010. Because we have a limited number of litters per year we decided to work together with three other reputable breeders. They all have excellent dogs and we personally know them from the show ring. Most of their dogs are champions or come from champion bloodlines.

We selected these few pro breeders to work with because we want to offer the best puppies you can ever find. One important thing we share in common is that all of us are against inbreeding, and all of our dogs are therefore free of many common genetic problems. All our sires and dams are originally from different countries or different breeding lines. In my case I've been traveling all over North and South America, and many countries in Europe, to find the most beautiful dogs any breeder can find.

I'm truly blessed to have my life filled with so much joy and happiness. My dogs fill my heart with love and that is the reason I'm so proud and dedicated to them. They are the most pampered dogs around and they live a great life. This is my full-time job; I dedicate most of my time to them. This is all I do and I love it!!!

Leticia Burgos


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