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I've always been an animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs. My dad is a veterinarian and both my mother and I are trained medical specialists.

Perhaps those are key reasons for my success in pedigreed dog breeding. Rescue dogs can be wonderful, and I own one myself. But there are those of us who also treasure the uniqueness of the specialty breeds. And we breeders who are truly dog lovers continue to do our utmost to produce quality pets, carrying out all the recommended tests and medical checks to ensure we market only healthy puppies--while lavishing them with exceptional care.

Something which brings fulfillment to me and to each member of my family!

We have long been popular in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area and are now happily shipping puppies to almost every state in the nation--plus Canada, Latin America and even Europe. I'm very proud to say that celebrities, too, have joined our continually growing list of satisfied customers.

Our success is likewise due to the fact that, since our founding in 2003, American Walker Kennels has been committed to creating perfection in every aspect of the breeds we specialize in including those most important elements of character, temperament, intelligence, morphology and especially health. We raise perfect little puppies--healthy, well-socialized and with adorable baby-doll faces, beautiful coats, calm temperaments and naturally sweet personalities. The terms "teacup" and "tiny toy" are often used to describe the carefully bred pedigree puppies we excel at producing and nurturing. At just three to five pounds fully grown, or even less, these specially prized Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Maltese and Pomeranians benefit from skilled breeding and precise individual care--using top quality food, vitamins, supplements and round-the-clock love and attention. We also limit the number of litters each year and carefully screen buyers.

I'm proud of the joy and happiness our puppies bring to others, and I look forward to making it possible for you, too, to share in all the love.

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Leticia Burgos


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