Care and Feeding


We recommend that you feed your pup at least 3 times per day.

About Puppy Feeding Leave a quality puppy dry food available at all times . Puppies are very small and can suffer from Hypoglycemia if they do not eat small amounts of food often. Just think about the amount of energy a puppy uses in relation to it's tiny size and ability to quickly utilize the food eaten.

A small Puppy will need to produce enough energy to run around and play and also to grow. This energy needs to be obtained from the puppies' diet .It is in the best interests of your Baby to feed a little quality food often.

The important words in relation to your Puppies' diet are:

Look for a dry food that is suitable for Toy breeds of Dogs and purchase the puppy variety. We use Dry Food as a supplement only. The Puppy will also receive 3 meals daily of a small amount of canned puppy food.

The Following are examples of the diet we use at American Walker Kennels for our Puppies.

MORNING FEED: Canned Puppy Food mix with dry food

MIDDAY: Canned puppy food & cottage cheese

TEA TIME: Finely chopped cooked chicken [no bones] and cottage cheese.

Or Canned puppy food & cottage cheese.

Clean Water, placed in a shallow bowl MUST be available at all times.

Never feed your puppy cooked chicken bones.

Caution should be used when feeding any food that is minced or chopped. Please ensure that the food is minced or chopped very, very fine as small Puppies can easily choke on largish pieces of meat.

We always recommend to new Puppy owners to make any changes to the Puppies' diet , gradually over a period of time. Do not make any changes to the diet for a few days. The stress of leaving the Puppies' old family will be traumatic for the baby without added stress from changes to diet. Changes to the water your Puppy is drinking can also cause an upset tummy, so I would recommend giving your Puppy bottled water.


About Puppy Carrying When you arrive home with your new Puppy, he or she may be quite nervous being in a new environment , away from his loving Mother and litter mates. During these first few days stress may affect some pups considerably.

For the first few days ensure that baby is eating his food. Too much excitement can cause exhaustion in a young Puppy.

Your puppy is a baby. What do babies spend most of the day doing? Sleeping. So please ensure that your new baby has adequate sleep. Puppies sleep a lot.

If you already have other pets, quietly introduce the new Puppy to the other pets. Do not introduce at meal times. Purchase new toys for your other pets and make as much fuss of them as you are doing with your new addition.


Puppies have a natural instinct to be clean. The biggest mistake new Puppy owners can make is when they bring the new Puppy home. Allowing the Puppy free run of the Home. Confine your new baby until he/she is completely housetrained when not under supervision. We keep the babies confined in a play pen with puppy pads at one end. We place the puppy's bed and feed and water bowls are at the other end. Always take baby to your preferred potty spot after feeds and after a sleep.


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