How to buy a puppy?

  • Look carefully through the website for our lovely puppies.
  • Read about their typical breed characteristics and see what breed would best fit you likes and personality.
  • Get well informed with the Life/Health Insurance, describing also the limited health guarantee.
  • After deciding to purchase a puppy it is mandatory that you print and sign the Certificate of Health and Limited Health Guarantee and send it to us by fax otherwise we cannot proceed with the shipment. The fax number is:
  • We offer also a Puppy Insurance, that stipulates that for you puppy's lifetime, should, by some unfortunate event, the puppy get stolen, lost or pass away, you will get a 50% discount on another puppy from AWK that costs up to $1500. This offer is valid for 10 years. The Puppy Insurance is optional.
  • After purchase (credit card, check or bank transfer), all you need to do is wait for us to inform you when you can pick up you soon to be best friend.


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